Qualities of a Skillful Quran Tutor

Published: 08th April 2011
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knowledge for all mankind and a person who aims to become a Quran tutor must possess many skills in order to do justice to this greatest of all books.

. Teaching Quran is a religious duty. Yet an online Quran tutor is not an ordinary teacher. There are a number of qualities which a Quran tutor must possess, such as:-

A Quran tutor must possess excellent Quran recitation skills. Due to the importance of every word of the Quran, the correct pronunciation of each and every word of the Quran is essential. This art of correct pronunciation of Quranic Arabic is called Tajweed. A good Quran tutor must have excellent Tajweed.

A good Quran tutor should preferably be a Hafiz-e-Quran. A Hafiz-e-Quran is a person who has memorized the whole Quran. This gives the Quran tutor command over his, or her subject. Moreover, there are many Quran students who want to memorize the Quran. It would be easier for a Quran tutor who is himself, or herself, a Hafiz, or a Hafizah, to help his, or her, students memorize the Quran.

It is also preferable for an online Quran teacher to have in-depth knowledge of child psychology as children are sometimes hard to handle for an inexperienced person. Moreover, a smart Quran tutor is able to handle both kids, as well as adults, and deals with everyone according to their mental and physical age.

A good Quran tutor should seek feedback from his, or her students and allot certain times to receiving the scope of the pupilsí memorized items so that he, or she, can gauge their studentsí progress.

A skilful Quran tutor should be amiable and courteous toward his, or her, students and must never get upset if a student is not concentrating on his, or her, studies. A skilful Qurantutor should know how to handle difficult students by making the subject interesting.

An essential quality of a good Quran tutor is that they possess extraordinarily excellent good manners, faith, and character.

A good Quran tutor must also possess computer skills in order to manage online classes, the applications required for online Quran lessons, such as Skype and other VoIP programs, and be able to carry out quick fault rectification in case of any technical problems.

A skilful Quran tutor must also be proficient in at least one more language other than Arabic as most students who want to learn to read the Quran usually do not speak the Arabic language. It would be ideal if all Muslims spoke Arabic, but with the rapid expansion of Islam millions of people have become Muslim who did not speak Arabic as their native language. http://www.equrantutor.com

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